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Adoption News (added on 03/31/2011)

Many of you are aware of the process we have been in over the last months in regards to the foster system and adoption. It has been in our hearts for many years to adopt again. I say "again" because our oldest, David is adopted, coming into our home from the YWAM adoption agency, Loving Alternatives, when he was just three weeks old.

I wrote an essay last fall about the great need and opportunities in the foster system. You can (and should!) read that here:

The Colorado Foster Care system had restricted us from pursuing our dream because of a policy that a family with more than seven children under 18 cannot be foster parents or adopt through the foster system. Well, in anticipation of Naomi turned 18 last August, we started the paperwork process and became certified as foster parents last November. We then started praying and looking for the children that would be right and that God would place in our home.

Now for the latest. Around the end of November, a sibling group of three beautiful, though needy, children came to our attention. Coincidentally (or NOT!), they came to our attention through Loving Alternatives. We have persistently pursued them and are excited to tell you that we leave tomorrow to start a process that will, by the grace and goodness of God, result in these precious ones being in our home by the end of April. Here is the anticipated process:

- Leave for East Texas tomorrow morning early. Judy, myself and five of our children will go. We will stay in a house of a friend there.
- Visit with the children on Saturday through Tuesday.
- Wednesday, the children will be placed in our "home" as foster children where we will start parenting them. I put home in quotes because we can't take them out of Texas until the interstate adoption paperwork is done.
- The interstate adoption paperwork will be filed, which can take anywhere from 10 days to a month.
- I (Kim) will fly home on Sunday, April 10th to be here for the other kids and fulfill my obligations here.
- Judy will stay in Texas until the paperwork is done. When it is done, I will fly back and drive everyone home.

The process is different than we anticipated, mainly because if we continued to pursue the adoption through the state, it would take at least 6 months before they would even, if even, be placed in our home. Bev Kline persuaded the judge to transfer custody of these precious ones from the state to Loving Alternatives. The benefit of this is that the adoption can happen quickly. The greatest need of these three is emotional stability and permanency. They will be getting that in our home soon and begin the healing process. The downside to this method of doing things is that there will be some costs involved, probably in the neighborhood of $3-5000.

There are several ways you can help:

1. Pray. Please pray! Pray that the transition will happen quickly and smoothly. Pray that they will bond with us quickly and appropriately. Pray that the government paperwork will be handled expediently.
2. Give. If you are a person who loves kids and longs to help them, but can't adopt, please consider helping us with the costs associated with redeeming these young lives.

One last update: The current foster parents are YWAMers. We sent them a note and told them we are leaving tomorrow morning and will see them on Saturday. Here was their response:

"We are so excited to see you all too! We just told the girls about you guys and they are jumping around the living room! So thankful to our Lord that He sped up the process!!!!!"
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