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We love to hear from people! Email is the best way to stay in touch. We are very good with email. If you send us one, chances are, you will hear back from us within a day. We also use instant message and Skype (read more about Skype). Here is our contact information:

Email address:
AIM Screenname: GeigerTalk
Skype Username: kgeiger61
Snail Mail Address: 19755 Birdseye View • Peyton, CO 80831
Home Phone: 719-749-0563

We love to have visitors also! If you are coming through Colorado Springs, please, please give us a call. We have a guest apartment in our home and we will make a special effort to host you and spend time with you. It is NOT a burden and it brings us great joy to see old (and young!) friends. Relationships are our most valuable thing in life and we cherish the ones we have with friends like you.

Colorado Springs is a wonderful place to take a family vacation. There is so much to do here. Let us know if you are coming through. We will arrange a great time for you. We will put you up. It won't be fancy. Kids might have to sleep on the floor! But we will have loads of fun!
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